The Most Effective Method To Create Your Dream Boho Bedroom By Consumer Reports

In present day, the expression “Bohemian” is applied to individuals who live a unpredictable, typically creative life.

So, creating  bohemian-style rooms is to turn your sanctuary into a whole new world by the combination of colors, textures and the harmony between materials.

This style will win your heart with the  utilization of regular materials and bright, basic, wild, yet all the while beautiful themes, .

1. What Is Bohemian Style?

Bohemian style (otherwise called Boho Chic or Boho) is a term used to allude to the style of the Bohemian (Gypsy) people group.

This style gained in popularity from around the nineteenth century and immediately spread all through the world in all fields from design, craftsmanship to engineering.

Bohemian space is mostly created with basic materials, which brings lively hues with extravagant themes.

In that space, it looks like a very messy but extremely monotonous, harmonious and delicate.Opportunity is the component that makes the most intriguing in Bohemian style.

That opportunity is a blend of mixtures  of materials, surfaces, surfaces, hues, making your room a liberal and amazingly intriguing space.

2. Inside Beautification With Texture

The texture is utilized as a primary factor in Bohemian interior decoration style . This style will offer your room  great, eye-catching traits with delicate textures, cool and unique motifs.

Bohemian style furniture using fabric as the main material

3. Bohemian Style Inclines Toward One Of A Kind Surfaces

Bohemian-style interior space, although there is a touch of Mexican, a touch of Asian, a touch of traditional or a touch of vintage. But people can still easily recognize this stylish space.

Since Bohemian-style decoration often more carefully invested in terms of texture. The unique motifs imbued with themes harmonize  with a free and somewhat rebellious soul, so wild ornaments are favored for adornment. It makes us not to be confused with any other space.

4. Utilize Improving Compositions In Bohemian Space

Bohemian style in the interior is indispensable for decorative paintings.The works of art hanging on the wall  represent with opportunity and liberality.

The quantity of pictures isn’t restricted in both amount and size. The substance of compositions in dynamic topics, excellence, beguile, and many more with senseless hues.

5. Shading For Home Divider Beautification

In Bohemian style, the home divider is constantly given extraordinary consideration. The room is constantly embellished with a rich palette of hues from impartial to striking hues, for example, blue, red orange, pink, and so on.

The shades of the dividers often chosen to blend in with the furniture to create harmony in the room.

Glimpse through Bohemian spaces, you will have the feeling of the clutter by the improvised arrangement of the owner.

6. Character Magnificence, Unpretentious In The Inside, Beautifying Frill

There is no set example or standard for a Bohemian style inside. Everything in the room is chosen by the proprietor as indicated by the proprietor’s top choice.

However, we can still easily recognize, Bohemian interior often chooses the strong, vibrant and prominent colors.

The reused things, old yet with eye-getting hues are additionally chosen to make the room have mind boggling fascination.

Accordingly, the rooms structured right now frequently great and can’t be blended in with different styles.

7. Bohemian Consistently Towards Nature

Engravings of nature consistently show up in any style of inside plan. The distinction of Bohemian style is that nature shows up in each edge of the house. 

The most generally utilized plants are normally desert plants with serious essentialness, dry season resilience and absence of light.

All make a striking picture, brimming with life and an ideal space in everything about.

Reestablishing the live with a lot of boho sleeping cushions and pads and spending an additional occasion to enrich maybe the power source from this wild style will reset your whole life: new, more exciting? Good luck!


Feng Shui In The Bedroom Helps The Couple Keep The Fire Happy By Consumer Reports

The arrangement of feng shui bedroom is very important, especially for couples, it not only helps create a good night’s sleep, brings good fortune but also preserve a happy marriage. 

Here are some suggestions for you to arrange your bedroom in a modern way.

Choose The Right Location And Bedroom Design

The bedroom is a private corner of the couple, so it’s best to avoid the bedroom door opposite or too close to the main door. This avoids the view of other people and you will never want your private life to be peeked at.

If the door of the room has been designed to face the main door and you cannot change it, you can fix it by placing a wooden cupboard to separate it.

One more thing to note is that the bedroom should not be painted pink – even if it is your favourite colour, the colour represents romance and dream.

Remember for feng shui, pink is a taboo for couples’ private space because it is considered a sign that there is an object of ruining the relationship of husband and wife. Paint the light colours to avoid heavy and inconsistent.

Pay Attention To The Position Of The Mirror

Mirrors are indispensable decorative furniture in every family and are placed in many locations, though small but very meaningful in terms of feng shui. In the bedroom when placing a mirror, carefully consider the placement, usually it is placed in front of a woman’s dressing table.

However, according to feng shui, the mirror should not be placed opposite the bed because the mirror can reflect, can recover and disperse sand and gas and weapons, can affect the relationship of the couple, easily lead to quarrel and break up.

A comfortable and warm bed will help you have a deep sleep, improve health, cultivate family happiness. Therefore, when arranging a bed, couples need to be very careful, absolutely do not place the bed on the floor. According to feng shui, this arrangement makes them feel confined, heavy pressure leading to conflict.

Choose Decorative Items In The Bedroom

The bedroom decoration so that feng shui is very important. The decorations make the privacy of husband and wife more beautiful, more romantic but also mean Feng Shui.

Hanging wedding photos helps to increase the affection of husband and wife, but it is best to avoid them on the head of the bed, because in this position, it may unfortunately fall and cause unnecessary accidents.

Your bedroom will be more natural if you place a bonsai pot. Tiny pots are considered to be the most suitable choice because the bedroom area is usually small, if the pots are too big, the room will lack air at night, affecting human health.

Do not place an aquarium or a picture of water in the bedroom, according to the concept of feng shui aquarium with too strong Water will make the couple’s happiness easy to shatter, wither and make you lack of talent. main.

Especially for couples should not put too many electrical appliances here, electrical equipment called fire can cause conflicts and disagreements between the couple.

Room Lighting Suitable

When designing a lighting system in your bedroom, remember not to mount the light directly on the bed. This will affect sleep, this situation will prolong the health of the homeowner.

The recommended types of light are soft light shades, especially yellow light, creating a cosy atmosphere for the married life.

Don’t Design Another Room Near The Bedroom

A bedroom should not have any other rooms, which symbolizes signs of the presence of a third party, creating an uncomfortable feeling for the couple.


The arrangement of bedrooms so harmonious, feng shui will help you have a happier marriage life. Besides the factors related to feng shui, couples should understand, sympathize, and get along better with each other so that the affection of husband and wife is closer and stronger. Because ultimately, love and responsibility will be a bond to make the couple happy together for life.


Tips To Choose Pillows For The Elderly By Consumer Reports

For older people, sleep is essential, but due to many circumstances, it is not easy for them to have good sleep. Besides, the neck and shoulder aches also make them tired and mentally down . Therefore, seniors need the best sleep care, and the first thing to do is to choose an appropriate pillow. This article will share the experience of choosing a cushion for the elderly that you need to consider when buying a pillow to bring a comfortable, relaxing, and refreshing sleep.

For the elderly, sleep is very important

1. Choose Pillow Material With Excellent Stiffness And Elasticity

Usually, people think that soft cushions will make it easier for older people to fall asleep, but this is not valid. Because when the pillow is too thin, it will make it difficult to sleep, leading to headaches and neck fatigue. Therefore, when choosing to buy pads for the elderly, you need to pay attention and only buy products with sufficient hardness, high elasticity to help support the head and neck effectively.

The pillows made from cotton, natural rubber, and feathers are all suitable products to bring better sleep for the elderly. Currently, there are more pillows with therapeutic features for the elderly, they are made from natural herbs, so a lot of people like these products. However, you should not rush to follow the this style because if you do not find the right reputable source, it will be bad for the health if used long term. In particular, some herbs have an unpleasant odor that will irritate the airways, not good for the health of the older people, and do not bring good sleep.

To ensure good health for the elderly, you must also choose pillowcases with the utmost care. They must be made from safe materials, hypoallergenic to the skin, well ventilated for easy regular washing, and drying.

2. Choose A Pillow That Fits The Sleeping Posture

Usually, older people often have less flexible sleeping postures than younger people who typically keep a sleeping position throughout the night. The reason may be because long-term sleeping habits are difficult to correct or due to joint pain, so they are less active. But also because of this habit, they are often very susceptible to neck and shoulder pain.

The remedy for the above situation is to choose the right pillow design for each lying position. Currently, there are 3 common sleeping positions including: lying on his back, lying on his side, or his stomach. Each posture should use a combination of different types of pillows. For example, for people who are used to lying on their side, you should combine a head pillow, back pillow, knee pillow to ensure that their spine is straight, reducing the pressure on the bones.

3. Choose Pillows With Gentle Colors

To get the deepest sleep, the elderly need a relaxing mood. So all the colors of their sleeping environment, including the pads, have to guarantee to give them the most comfortable feeling. Do not use pads with hot colors because they will make it difficult to sleep and cause eye pain when you wake up. Also, you should not choose products with dark colors because of it not suitable for the psychology of the elderly. You should choose light colors that make them feel sleepy and easy to fall asleep.

Colors have a great influence on the mood of the elderly when sleeping

4. Don’t Select An Old Pillow

When people age, all of their organs, including the respiratory system, are underperformed and easily affected by surrounding factors. Therefore, you absolutely should not choose the old pillow for the elderly. The old pads that have been the store for a long time may contain a lot of dust, which can seriously affect the respiratory system of the elderly.

You should also often change pillows for the elderly. Usually, a pad should not be used for more than two years.


Periods of sleep of the elderly are precious, but their sleep is also often affected by many surrounding factors. So you have to be careful when choosing pillows for them. To select the best pads, you need to pay attention to not only their health conditions but also their interests and desires.

Especially, an important thing when buying pillows is to choose the right store of prestige and quality, avoid buying inferior quality goods.

If you have any difficulties in choosing a pillow, please contact us for advice.