Feng Shui In The Bedroom Helps The Couple Keep The Fire Happy

The arrangement of feng shui bedroom is very important, especially for couples, it not only helps create a good night’s sleep, brings good fortune but also preserve a happy marriage. 

Here are some suggestions for you to arrange your bedroom in a modern way.

Choose The Right Location And Bedroom Design

The bedroom is a private corner of the couple, so it’s best to avoid the bedroom door opposite or too close to the main door. This avoids the view of other people and you will never want your private life to be peeked at.

If the door of the room has been designed to face the main door and you cannot change it, you can fix it by placing a wooden cupboard to separate it.

One more thing to note is that the bedroom should not be painted pink – even if it is your favourite colour, the colour represents romance and dream.

Remember for feng shui, pink is a taboo for couples’ private space because it is considered a sign that there is an object of ruining the relationship of husband and wife. Paint the light colours to avoid heavy and inconsistent.

Pay Attention To The Position Of The Mirror

Mirrors are indispensable decorative furniture in every family and are placed in many locations, though small but very meaningful in terms of feng shui. In the bedroom when placing a mirror, carefully consider the placement, usually it is placed in front of a woman’s dressing table.

However, according to feng shui, the mirror should not be placed opposite the bed because the mirror can reflect, can recover and disperse sand and gas and weapons, can affect the relationship of the couple, easily lead to quarrel and break up.

A comfortable and warm bed will help you have a deep sleep, improve health, cultivate family happiness. Therefore, when arranging a bed, couples need to be very careful, absolutely do not place the bed on the floor. According to feng shui, this arrangement makes them feel confined, heavy pressure leading to conflict.

Choose Decorative Items In The Bedroom

The bedroom decoration so that feng shui is very important. The decorations make the privacy of husband and wife more beautiful, more romantic but also mean Feng Shui.

Hanging wedding photos helps to increase the affection of husband and wife, but it is best to avoid them on the head of the bed, because in this position, it may unfortunately fall and cause unnecessary accidents.

Your bedroom will be more natural if you place a bonsai pot. Tiny pots are considered to be the most suitable choice because the bedroom area is usually small, if the pots are too big, the room will lack air at night, affecting human health.

Do not place an aquarium or a picture of water in the bedroom, according to the concept of feng shui aquarium with too strong Water will make the couple’s happiness easy to shatter, wither and make you lack of talent. main.

Especially for couples should not put too many electrical appliances here, electrical equipment called fire can cause conflicts and disagreements between the couple.

Room Lighting Suitable

When designing a lighting system in your bedroom, remember not to mount the light directly on the bed. This will affect sleep, this situation will prolong the health of the homeowner.

The recommended types of light are soft light shades, especially yellow light, creating a cosy atmosphere for the married life.

Don’t Design Another Room Near The Bedroom

A bedroom should not have any other rooms, which symbolizes signs of the presence of a third party, creating an uncomfortable feeling for the couple.


The arrangement of bedrooms so harmonious, feng shui will help you have a happier marriage life. Besides the factors related to feng shui, couples should understand, sympathize, and get along better with each other so that the affection of husband and wife is closer and stronger. Because ultimately, love and responsibility will be a bond to make the couple happy together for life.